WE'RE BACK! After a triple sell out, SLAY's new business coaching hub is BACK.

This is SLAY's results-driven and creative-led business coaching hub for female founders, brand leaders, solopreneurs and women running their own initiatives. If you're thinking of taking the leap? This is the place for you too. You can start being supported, guided and held accountable straightaway.



WAITLIST is now OPEN for when we kick off again. 


As featured and recommended in

Led by Founder of SLAY, Media Expert & Life and Business Coach, Poppy Delbridge.

If you want to get fresh eyes on your business to achieve new, aligned and tangible goals within a short focussed timeline, with the option of ongoing coaching... then this is the place to be.

Featured by Glamour magazine as one of the "Top 30 Most Powerful Women in Television" and with her self-development company, SLAY, being Red Magazine's empowering retreat choice for smart women, Poppy has your true version of success in her gaze. She famously quit her boardroom boss role at Warner Brothers to pursue her dreams - and created a new career in less than 12 weeks. Our badass and passionate Poppy, will be personally guiding you and other similar women in this unique HUB experience. We can't all meet in person right now...  but we can online! We are the ZOOOOM-hubbers. The SLAY SISTERS. Wingwomen. We're all about that. 


"“She’s a superwoman, an inspiring light for everyone. Motivating, energy-lifting and a business powerhouse. Poppy makes me think bigger than I ever have before! If you don’t know her it’s time to get to know her.” "

Wizz Selvey
Founder, Wizz & Co (Ex Head of Buying, Selfridges)

Interested in SLAY Hub coaching with Poppy during lockdown and beyond?

“Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.” Brene Brown

Hello. Poppy here. Welcome to your creative and accelerated business coaching and self-development 'container' for women leading companies, brands or impactful initiatives during this frankly, scary-ass time. 


I feel you...

The money seems to be drying up, you’re nervous even to spend on anything, you’ve got too many ideas or none at all - and you’re half wondering whether to day-drink and do nothing until the virus is over.  

BUT firstly, don’t enter into it. Don’t let it consume you, or make you believe that your power has totally disappeared. It HASN’T. 

I’m talking about the FEAR, WORRY, SCARCITY MINDSET, ANXIETY, PROCRASTINATION, OVERWHELM and SCATTER-GUNNING approach to your work right now. It won’t help. Nor will hiding under the duvet. This is an opportunity to re-think - quickly, but consciously. 

What we start to truly believe about our business, our income potential and ourselves has a nasty habit of showing up. 

So are you believing that all is lost, that you can’t make any money, that you’re not even cut out for this, that it’s all a bit pointless? I get it but… 

 STOP. This is not the choice you want to be making, is it? This year requires support, action and growth.

 There’s another way to respond. 


You can transform your mindset, your money-making and your work goals

To get yourself some CLARITY, FOCUS, ACCOUNTABILITY and DIRECTION for your life and work right now. So that when we come out of this (and we will) you are not just prepared but truly EXCITED to move forward with your soul-led career firmly rooted in the online space. It's time to step into yourself - as the woman leader you are.

The way the world works has changed.

And we now only have the present moment to work with.

We need to laser in and look at the future . But we need to change with it too - to pivot both ourselves AND our plans to move with the times and be relevant, agile, aligned.

Here’s something. I've created one of my best months of business in the midst of these highly uncertain times.

Why? I responded. I pivoted. I kept investing in my own coaches (coaches MUST have coaches!). I learned new things. Most of all, I cultivated certainties when everything else seemed uncertain. I believe this is my superpower and I want to share that energy and those techniques with you. 

I see solutions and breakthroughs in people and businesses as a sixth sense. I'm a positive rebel, can’t help it - so I press up against the limits put upon us, I refuse to stick to the status quo and I’m future-proofing all the time.

When other people zig, I tend to zag. I was coaching on zoom a year ago. I have multiple revenue streams and a variety of ‘hats' that I've turned into one big hat.

I know if you're reading this then you are different too. You're ready. You CAN use this time effectively and creatively too, I’ll mentor you to think this way over some focussed weeks of wing-womaning.



And when the fear kicks in...

I’ll provide you with the tools and techniques you need to bounce back quickly. I have always said that I either breakdown or breakthrough. I have the power to choose and so do you. Is this your breakthrough time?

"You cannot always control what goes on OUTSIDE but you can always control what goes on INSIDE "

Dr Wayner Dyer

Inside = 

A mindset for growth and success | A-game manifesting | Soul-led (not always head-led) strategies. | Structured processes to keep us not just surviving but THRIVING. 

But more than that... 

We can upgrade our business strategies for success at this time too.

Time to get creative though. Time to invest in ourselves - if not now, then when? 

However, it won’t ‘just happen’ and we can’t afford to just ‘sit it out’.  

Hence, I’m setting up this supportive SLAY HUB to become the doctor to this dodgy diagnosis right now. For you - for you and your unique output. Personal perspective on what you can do NOW - with a small, invited group of women for the lowest investment I’ve ever had with a cap on numbers to keep it SLAY.

Here's why I do this work...

My dad was a full-on medical miracle - and defied the naysayers telling him he would die in 10 days… he kept his stage 4, critical cancer at bay for 15 years and was the happiest man I’ve ever met. If he created alchemy at this level, let me promise you that if you change your mindset - you can absolutely make miracles happen. I fully believe this and have always followed his teachings  - and also those of the leading self-development and spiritual gurus old and new. 

Being fulfilled and successful isn’t an accident. It’s about responding with grace, vigour and resilience in times of crisis AND daily, even when it's hard. Rising above the fear to create IMPACT for others with what you do - helping others with your work and creating a positive vibe for all. Knowing that you’re here for purpose, a reason, Discovering what that is will set you free and make you confident to FLY. And yes, with the right steps, abundance will follow from that. 


SO, consider me your business coach AND energetic mentor at this time. It’s about both. The strategic work and the soul work. This is where the fun is.

I have my creative CEO hat on for you now. The Ex-Warner Bros boardroom boss hat on. The woman who can find solutions to problems using a finely tuned creative mind, built for ideas.

The woman who was a single working mum and quit her 6-figure board-level job and created a new business making 3 x my monthly income in the first month of business just 12 weeks later.

I want to help you quantum speed your growth right now. To use this weird time to focus. To be ready when things kick back into action.


I spend a lot on my own mentors, and have firsthand mentoring from multi-multi-millionaire coaches of my own during this time and I’m going to share as much as I can about how to navigate this. 

I’ll help turn your story and skills into gold, with SLAY's 'Sweet Spot Solution' as your bonus. This is about your secret USPblindspots and creating new opportunities. If you're growing and getting more visible, positioning is key.  


So what's the vibe?

This is a practical and results-driven strategic acceleration coaching hub for you to level-up and focus during this time alongside other forward-thinking, soul-led women entrepreneurs. From how to make approaches for new business at this time, to how to makeover your social media, to how to create press opportunities to gain credibility and traction for your work.  Lots more - I will handpick relevant resources from various SLAY coaching programmes, and go all-out. 

PLUS my usual dose of SLAY-vibe intuitive magic.

For this I am concentrating on:

  • Your subconscious rewiring into abundance. 
  • Your energy alignment into positivity and possibility.
  • My personal (and very unique!) manifestation techniques (which I only teach to my 1:1 clients) 


That's the mindset shift. You can remain kind, conscious, free and with lots of time for YOU and those you love by being online-based. And yes - you are a brand leader! I want to make you think and act BIG - like a powerful, story-telling, impactful brand, led by YOU. Playing big is something that not enough of us women do.


So are we a fit to work together in the HUB?

I started working with LA based powerhouse Mallorie after being recommended by another client just last week. WOOP.

"When I began working with Poppy this year, I was in the middle of a massive pivot in my life. One foot in the life I was living and one foot in the life I was meant to live, but security and the comfort of the familiar kept me hanging on to my old ways. Cue Poppy. In our FIRST call, her ability to get on my level, UNDERSTAND what was blocking me from reaching my full potential and having the ability to ask the questions I was too scared to ask myself created instant trust, confidence and I KNEW I had found the mentor my soul had been searching for. We’ve all been there. Where we feel we have outgrown our current environment and relationships yet we may not have any guidance on what to do next. Poppy’s life experience, intuition and relatability is what allows her to guide you in having REAL honest conversations with yourself that give you the clarity you’ve been searching for. You’re here for a reason. You’ve found Poppy for a reason. Trust in that. Trust yourself and say yes to the life you want."

Mallorie Nuttall
Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer


This is not the place for you if you are okay with staying stuck, unprepared to see things differently, not ready to pivot to keep up with the current climate, or a woman who doesn’t like to do the work.

I am known to get quantum speedy results, using my energy and visualization activations alongside my coaching and mentoring but that's because I only work with soul-sisters who are switched on and come to the coaching with all their vulnerability - all the hot mess! We are human. 

This HUB is by application. I want to make sure I’ve spoken to everyone before joining the SLAY HUB, just so it’s the right energy of a collective group. Harvard says we are more likely to achieve goals if we create intentions as a small group. This is what this is. Bringing the right women together for growth and networking is one of my superskills. So let's chat asap if you're feeling IN for hub action. 


Next steps?


Well, firstly, it’s not about how much money your business makes. If you're turning over zilch but have the passion of a Trojan, that works for me - and if you're an 8 or 9 figure business owner like some of my own clients, get yourself in here too. This is about drive, energy, the decision to rise, to achieve and to grow - even in the face of extreme uncertainty. This is about you being 100% ALL - IN. You don’t need all the answers, you don’t need to be off-the-chart established as a brand. You don’t need the super confidence yet… you just need to show up fully AND COMMIT TO THIS. 


My team and I will speak to everyone personally and invite as we go - led by intuition. 

After that, if you're invited to join this intimate coaching hub, this is because you are ready and because WE BELIEVE IN YOU. 


So, what's the investment?

Firstly - this IS an investment. Not a big one but right now, still do a celebratory dance if you want to take it! Leap time lady! Be supported. 

Spend time with me opening up the path for you - and other like-minded women by your side who have gone through, or are going through the same stuff. Create inspiration around yourself.

I know parting with money is one of our biggest blocks right now but it's just so important to keep the wheels of momentum turning right now! Money mindset is actually a whole topic in this hub…and I teach on how to make money in quite woo woo ways that work - but until then I’ll make it as super-easy to join as I possibly can. 

As you know, I am one of the most expensive coaches around - and this is because I get results and I value my unique expertise and the transformations I provide. My 15+ years of creative leadership at Top 5 global content companies, the fact that I set up and still lead two businesses, plus built a successful personal and company brand from scratch without any investment (which, I actually turned down... more on that once you're in the HUB!). I don’t mess about but I DO use unique (some say magical!) tactics to get these results. So that's the disclaimer there.

Don’t forget that my parents were from the Westcountry and lived on £8k a year because my dad had cancer from the age of 30 - I know it may trigger you (and I know it would have made my Dad proud to know) that made that in a day last week - and this isn't unusual for me at all now. I have not been born into this. I built this self-belief up. I worked it like a muscle. I’ve spent close to £50,000 on coaching and mentorship and I have learned from my own mistakes, unapologetically. Now I share it with other women and keep on learning. 

You can do this too, whatever stage you are at. 

However, actually believing that you can is a strategy that we can work on! 

If you have ever thought about working with me before - and you'd like to be in the SLAY community for networking and socials - this is it.

I normally don’t work at this level, but this is different and I’m here for you, I’m feeling totally CALLED to do this. 

The good news is that I will be sharing key info from all of my private 1:1 and high-level programmes with you in this safe and supportive SLAY HUB. It's not as fun doing it alone, so this is why I set this up.

My intention is that everyone gets what they need and I will share bespoke processes and resources for you on an online, easy-to-use portal. 

So - now you have me (and other badass business women) HURRAH. 

And payment plans are sooooo happening right now too - you can get started with a £497 deposit, which books you into a 1:1 strategy session with me. The main thing is, do you want this? IF YES, THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY. We can make the payment plan work and stretch it out for you. You'll typically make it back and then some anyway - I'm known for creating money magic.  

Interested in SLAY Hub coaching with Poppy during lockdown?




Poppy's eyes on your website, social media and positioning up close and personal... leading up to the main kick-off session:



Poppy will dig into your positioning, offerings and brand -you'll have a power session (quantum speed shifts) to decide what’s working, what needs to change and how you can make the pivotal shifts to keep your business rising right now. 

You will create your new success blueprint together and you'll use your hub time to rise and rise, as you keep accountable to your agreed gameplan. 


WEEKLY LASER GROUP COACHING with Poppy and SLAY's hand-picked success coaching team who are global leaders in mindset, manifesting, strategic leadership and business investment.  We make sure you’re on track every single week, equipping you with what you need to develop your success mindset. 


WEEKLY ENERGY REBALANCING SESSION for transforming negative and limiting beliefs into your positive, success mindset. This is going to be unique to the SLAY HUB Private Community and will be activating your work in Poppy's trademark and quantum speed 'energy shifting', which she leads regularly for The Groucho Club, The Ned and AllBright. 


Poppy has led creative brainstorms professionally for the past 17 years in television - for the BBC, MTV, Netflix and ITV. 

She will lead a development case study session for the HUB, so we begin brainstorming ideas within our businesses effectively. This is highly valuable. As a creative consultant she charges £1500 for this kind of training session. And it’s fun. Woop! 


 Covering the key pivots you need to make right now - inside and out:


Here's a selection of the sort of work and content SLAY Hub will include for you to access in your own time and beaver away at. You can then ask any questions about it, or your Ah-ha moments in the Q & A call.

Things like: 



Habits to kick and start now

The 4 D’s and how to use this process for your goal-setting

SLAY Money Mindset Training 



How to position yourself effectively right now

How to re-skin your offerings and work quickly and simply

Selling yourself and your work soulfully right now

Poppy's own SLAY sales process



Manifesting for success 

Creative Visualisation modalities for abundance

SLAY’s EFT and positive affirmation kit

Poppy's own methods to SLAY unrealistic goals, time after time.



CLARIFYING WHO BUYS FROM YOU (And how they will buy into you) 

Crafting Your SLAYING Mission and Message 

SLAY’s 4 STAGE PROCESS for harnessing your clients


The way Poppy grew her blackbook and A-list network, and continues to. 



  • Poppy's own (slightly surprising!) 12-STEP DAILY ROUTINE, which she hasn't ever shared before. Structure and tactics = your friend right now to keep you sane and mentally agile. 
  • SLAY’s recommended products and books you need to get right now to support your growth.
  • Power and ‘Activation’ Meditations across the weeks. 
  • Invitation to SLAY’s Advanced Virtual Visionboard workshop. 
  • Whatever pops into your membership site… and be aware that we LOVE bonuses! 


When you begin your SLAY Hub, you will see inside your membership hub that you have some credits on your account! 


  • £100 credit towards one of our SLAY Day Retreats (when we can all meet again). 


  • £200 credit towards one of our sell-out programmes, Raising Recognition (of which you will see some content from within the HUB portal). This is the way for you to rise in global impact and visibility with inner and external strategies.

"She is the sh*t sorter-outer."

Laura Whitmore
TV Host + UNICEF Ambassador

"I met Poppy last year when we were matched by the Allbright mentorship program. I had just set up my own business and at the time it felt fragmented and I didn't have the vocabulary to articulate my intentions and goals, I described it as 'talent consultancy' and was unknowingly spreading myself thinly. But having now worked with Poppy for over a year, I realise that all I needed was clarity and conviction in my offering. Through her 1 to 1 mentorship & Raising Recognition programme Poppy has enabled me to realise my USP and not cringe or feel unworthy saying what I am, which has totally transformed my professional and personal output. I've never felt more confident and my business is moving in a direction where I feel satisfied financially and creatively. Poppy is someone I'd absolutely love to stay in my life throughout my career, she's a guardian angel and I can't help but feel us meeting was meant to be."

Bronagh Monahan
Talent Manager + Business Owner

Right - me again!

AND I'm ready for you. 

Are YOU ready for you?

Did I mention you can get started for just £97 and we can sort our how you pay the rest later? It's honestly less than a decent massage, so I'm sure you will join us! 

The 'rest' by the way is the lowest cost coaching group I've ever done and ever will do - but hey, it's lockdown! If not now, when?



Call us and let's have a chat.

No worries if it's not for you (it's a two-way thing as places are capped) but remember this isn't something I see as a 'nice to have' - this is the REAL WORK. The inner game leads the outer game, so if you're feeling 'less-than' or struggling with self-doubt in any way there, come HUB with us and we shall sort that out! I'm not called 'The Shitsorter-outer' for nothing! 

We sold out three times over at first launch, now we're opening up to the next and final applicants. This is already a tight-knit, handpicked network of 30 women: 9 figure CEOS, talent managers, Fashion Stylists, Tech Start-ups, Investment gurus, TV presenters, award-winning artists, sales gurus, coaches, healers, Social Media founders, even neuroscientists! HUB VIBES. 

This Founder Member SLAY HUB launch is first-come first served application process via your discovery chat with a member of TEAM SLAY. Here's to you being one of the Founder women in the SLAY Hub, and that I can be a proper part of your journey of empowered, unashamed fulfilment and success.


Poppy x


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